Are you struggling to generate great content to attract and engage your online customers? You are certainly looking to increase your organic search traffic.

Perhaps you have a beautiful new company website with plenty of traffic but the visitors just aren’t converting into new clients or sales. But you just don’t know what to do about it.

Maybe you just hate writing blog posts or you find it difficult because English is not your first language. Regardless of the reason, you constantly find new ways to procrastinate on the time consuming task of content writing.

There is another way to get the content you need for your website, without spending a fortune. Assuming you want new traffic and conversions, hiring a professional freelance content writer is a great choice.

Indeed, great content can help you gain new clients sales. Read on to find out how my content writing service can help you reach your goals.

The Power Of Content Marketing

If you want your company to succeed online, you need high quality content writing for your website. Not to mention your blog articles, email marketing, and social media posts. It is important to realize that the right written words have the power to:

  • Attract your ideal customer
  • Keep them on your website longer
  • Build connection and trust
  • Frame your product as the solution to their problem
  • Motivate a purchase
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Customers access your website to find helpful information to solve their problem. For this reason, you should keep your content focused on the needs and desires of your ideal customer. Take advantage of the opportunity to give your potential customer what they need. Do this by providing informative web content about your business or helpful blog content that answers their questions. In fact, every word is an opportunity to present your product or service as their best solution.

Creative content marketing through social media posts and creative blog articles on your website can help establish your authority. This helps establish you in the industry and build trust with your audience of potential customers. In due time, the trust that you build can blossom into sales and loyal customers. However, many businesses don’t create great content because it takes time and consistency.

If writing is not your forte, there is a solution. And it comes at an affordable price that won’t eat away at your profits. My content writing services can save you time and effort and turn your ideas into reality faster.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your entire website search engine (Google) friendly. However, this process of SEO can become quite complicated. Optimized content is just one piece of the puzzle. In addition, you must make efforts to optimize other on-page and off-page elements.

For SEO content writing, the optimization focus is on-page elements. These elements include the use of H Tags (titles) and the right balance of targeted keywords. The keywords should be included, at the right ratio, in your titles and content. Not sure what keywords are?

Keywords are the specific words or phrases that your ideal customer is looking for on search engines. In fact, the most important part of SEO optimization is this keyword research. In fact, it can make or break your chances of ranking on page one of search results.

Meeting the needs of your readers should be the primary focus of your SEO content strategy. After all, if your content is not reader friendly, SEO will not be very useful to your company.

With strategic use of the right keywords and structure, your company has the capability of bringing in new streams of website traffic. This is done by using topics that are engaging to your readers. In turn, this gets them interested in the product that you have to offer.

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Types Of Content Writing Services

Content creation is, in fact, an art. To clarify, it’s not just words to take up space on your page or that target a specific search keyword. Great website content is foremost designed to meet the needs of your customers. By the same token, can be made better with proper search engine optimization. The all encompassing features of great content writing include:

  • A focus on the needs of the target customer
  • Positive text describing the benefits of the product or service
  • Use of story telling and hooks to attract the reader
  • Proper formatting for search engines

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Your Content Writer: Who Is Sheanice?

I’m a 20 plus year business professional with a background in accounting, digital marketing, business management, and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand what it takes to both start and successfully run a business. My desire is to help provide cost effective solutions to help support entrepreneurs, like yourself, as you grow your business while still maintaining a good work/life balance.

I am a US based content writer on Fiverr. I am also a native English speaker with three college degrees. My specialization is in SEO optimized content writing. My personal interests include: world travel, mental health, and entrepreneurship. So, content related to these topics are always welcomed!

As my client base has grown, I have begun to manage an internal agency team of content writers. Each content piece goes through two writers for a draft and research phase and final editing in order to guarantee top notch quality for your project. My agency team can also help with other digital marketing related projects. Feel free to contact me via Fiverr with your requests.

Your Search For Quality Content Writers Is Over

I deliver high quality content with fast turnaround and affordable pricing. Another key point: each piece is uniquely written just for you. Rest assured, I never use AI writers. However, I can use Surfer SEO and Yoast SEO to optimize your content.

I look forward to providing content writing services to help you grow your business.

My internal team of content writers and I are ready to help businesses just like yours to reach their next level through effective content marketing. So, send me a message today to ask about your particular industry.

Please note: I do not accept projects within the gambling, cannabis, crypto, sex industry or anything illegal.

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